WTF. Revolution?

BSOV Token

Fight inflation! Make your mark on the US Dollar.

What is BSOV Token?

Take a stand against inflationary government currencies.

BSOV stands for Bitcoin Store-of-Value, or BitcoinSoV. BSOV Token is a 100% community-driven cryptocurrency, and does not rely on centralized decision makers or traditional power structures to survive. This deflationary grassroots movement is built from the bottom-up, and is fully reliant on people like you to build it. We use non-violent methods of action – we fight for financial independence, and freedom from inflation. 

Join the Movement & Community

We are a friendly bunch of HODLers who work voluntarily to spread adoption on this project. Feel free to join us.

How to buy BSOV Token

Most of the liquidity of BSOV is at Uniswap, and needs special configuring of Uniswap’s settings. You can read more by clicking on the button below.

Join contest

Win from a prize pool of 10,000 BSOV & 0.25 ETH divided on three lucky winners by joining the contest on Twitter. Winners are drawn on 12th of April, 2021.


Other links & info

Contract address: 0x26946adA5eCb57f3A1F91605050Ce45c482C9Eb1 

BSOV Token price history: Coingecko

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