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Aioz Network

Blockchain-Based Content Delivery Network (CDN), opens to the new era of Internet Streaming powered by you

What is Aioz Network?

Earn your first coin at AIOZ Tube, a decentralized video platform built on AIOZ Blockchain.

AIOZ Network is a distributed CDN built on our very own Blockchain. On AIOZ Network, users share redundant memory, storage and bandwidth resources to create a vast CDN capable of powering streaming platforms anywhere in the world. We aim to change the way the world streams videos.

To better understand this, imagine that you’re watching a video on your phone. Today that video streams from a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a system of servers in various locations storing and delivering content to viewers and their devices – like a video you watch on your phone.

AIOZ Network creates a distributed content delivery network (dCDN) and represents a major shift in the way the world streams video. On a dCDN, a video comes from one of many Nodes – a regular person paid to store and deliver content from their device with the help of an app. The app harnesses the device’s unused resources such as extra computing power, bandwidth, and storage.

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Read about how it all works in the Aioz Whitepaper.

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